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Carterknowle Junior School staff make a talented and dedicated team, who are committed to helping each and every child. Staff work in partnership with Holt House Infant School staff to ensure excellent continuity and progression from infant to junior school.

You can contact your child’s teacher in a variety of ways: writing in the home/school diary,  seeing one of the staff members on duty, attending a school event, sending an email, writing a note or telephoning.  All contact details can be accessed from the ‘contact us’ tab.

Carterknowle Staff

Headteacher of the Holt House and Carterknowle Schools Federation: Helen Haynes

Head of School: Gill Clark

Personal Assistant to the Headteacher and Head of School: Rachel Watterson

Co-Assistant Headteachers: Lucy Atherton (M, T) & Jane Laybourn (W, Th, F)

Year 3  – Jane Laybourn: Team Leader
Jill Meredith (M, T, W am)
Jane Laybourn (W, Th, F)
Anna Thurtle

Year 4  – Hannah Wood: Team Leader
Hannah Wood
Louisa Almond (Ainsley Hamilton: cover)

Y3 & Y4
Jacqui Stephenson (Senior TA – M, T, W, Th)
Kirsty Clark (TA)

Year 5 – Nicola Hudson: Team Leader
Nicola Hudson
Craig Windslow

Rachel Norrie (Senior TA)
Olympia Gianneka (TA)

Year 6 – Lucy Atherton: Team Leader
Lucy Atherton
Cat Deans (on maternity leave)
Eve Hailey (M, T, W)
Katy Bodimeade (Th, F)

Jayne Robinson (Senior TA/HLTA)
Sam Hall (Senior SENDTA)
Alex Walsh (TA)

SEND Coordinator: Sarah Bannister

Federation School Business Manager:
Gaynor Tyrrell

Admin and Maintenance:
Paula Glover (Admin Officer)
Paul Buchan (Caretaker)

Smart Kids Wrap Around Care:
Jayne Robinson (Breakfast Club Co-ordinator)
Alex Walsh (After-School Club Co-ordinator)
Laura Alston