Y3 Curriculum

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Y3 Curriculum

In Y3, we have planned engaging and inspiring projects, which all have a close link to the local area and/or Sheffield. Our ambition is to help children aspire to become thriving and active citizens of the future, while discovering all about the place where they live

There’s No Place Like Home
Autumn 1, we become conscientious citizens as we learn about our place in the world locally, nationally and globally in geography.  We look at where we live and go to school, study famous landmarks in the city of Sheffield and why people settled here originally.

One Foot in the Past
The Y3 children become worthy historians, when they discover how industry has shaped the City of Sheffield.  In particular, they will take a close look at the Victorian era, studying what life was like for children and experience a real Victorian classroom!  Additionally, they will learn about some of the traditions around Christmas we still practise from that period in time.

May the Force Be With You
In the first Spring Term the Year 3s become engineers as they learn all about the Forces around us and develop the Design and Technology skills as they make, test and race their very own moving vehicle made out of card and wood.

Let’s Rock
In the second Spring term Year 3 children further develop their historical understanding of the world through examining and imitating Stone Age art. We develop key sketching and painting skills and enjoy studying artefacts found from the Stone Age era.  In particular, Year 3s learn about the oldest house to be found at Starr Carr archaeological site, near Scarborough.

Grow It, Cook It, Eat It
In the first Summer term we become super scientists as we study Plants and Animals.  The children have a wonderful time at Whirlow Farm where they find out where some of our food comes from; they also discover the importance of a well-balanced and nutritious diet.  Year 3s also have a great time growing their own plants and testing them under different conditions to see how they grow.

Veni,Vidi, Vici
In the final term of the year the children further improve their historical understanding of the world, through examining the influence and importance of the Roman Empire on Britain.  The children will learn and discover what life was like for a Roman soldier and improve their designing skills when they make a Roman shield and decorative mosaic tile.

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