Y4 Curriculum

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Y4 Curriculum

We follow a range of interesting and engaging projects; these include giving the children lots of fantastic hands-on experiences on which to base their learning.  Meeting scientists, writers, artists and actors shows us who we might aspire to be in the future.

Our Greek Odyssey
In Autumn 1 Year 4 are museum curators who love learning about the history of Ancient Greece. We use a range of secondary and primary sources to  develop an understanding of what life was like during the time of Ancient Greece and how that compares to life in Sheffield today. We learn about the origins of democracy and how Britain is a democratic country.  We love exploring Weston Park museum and presenting our own museum for parents.

Act One, Scene One
In Autumn 2 we are actors, musicians and playwrights! Through our literacy lessons, we write play scripts that will be included as part of our year group performance.  We love developing our acting abilities and creating scenery and props before confidently performing for parents. The Christmas story has been told throughout history- watch and enjoy the creative way we bring it to life!

Tales as Old as Time
In the Spring term we become authors and illustrators. Visiting Grimm and Co in Rotherham inspires us to tell wonderful and creative stories completed by our beautiful art work. To draw and paint our beautiful book illustrations, we are inspired by the work of Beatrix Potter. In Design and Technology, we create wooden bookstands to hold our finished product. At the end of our project, we produce a printed and bound book to keep and enjoy visiting Holt House infant school to share our stories.

Wired for Sound
In Summer 1 we are scientists who find out all about sound and electricity. We are visited by a brilliant scientist who inspires us to make our own musical instruments by applying what we learn about how sound travels and how to alter the pitch of different instruments. Through all of our sound and electricity lessons, we take an investigative approach and look at how to conduct fair investigations. At the end of our project, we share our learning through a ‘Super Science Show’ for parents.

Still Life
In Summer 2 we are artists who use Sheffield as the inspiration for our artwork. We learn more about the city we live in and the people who live there. We are inspired by a trip to study some of Sheffield’s street art and visit the city centre. We produce many pieces of beautiful art in a range of different mediums to be displayed during the Nether Edge Festival.

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