Y5 Curriculum

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Y5 Curriculum

In Year 5, we work together to find out more about the world around us, both past and present.  We plan exciting and challenging activities to help the children make the best progress they can.  We help the children to suggest their own enquiry questions and continue to build on their independent learning skills.  The children enjoy presenting their findings creatively and they always look forward to sharing their learning with their families.   

Carterknowle MasterChef!

As Geographers, the children learn about food production, culture and national dishes from around the world.  They find out what it takes to run a business in the restaurant industry, and together, they plan and prepare a range of delicious foods using a range of cooking techniques, before creating their own restaurants for their families.    

To Infinity and Beyond!

In this exciting project the children explore our Solar System, learning about the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon.  We have a visit from the awe-inspiring Wonder Dome planetarium and go on to find out more about the way ideas about the solar system have developed through time.  In art, the children work in different mediums to create beautiful images of planets. 

The First Kingdom

 Starting with the present day, we take a journey through the country of Egypt, before travelling back in time to the period of the Ancient Egyptians.  We draw parallels between the present and the past, discovering how the Geography of the country has shaped its civilisations throughout time.  We learn more about the gory habits of the ancient Egyptians, visiting Weston Park Museum before curating our own class museum.    

Into the Melting Pot

Starting in the time of the Industrial Revolution, we explore a period of exciting and fast paced change, when machines transformed people’s work and lives.  We look at the infrastructure which was required to do this, particularly why bridges were needed.  The children explore the science behind these innovations by learning about forces and subsequently design, make, test and evaluate their own strong and steady bridges. 

Dangerous or Endangered?

In this project, the children use atlas skills to learn more about the location of the remarkable country of Brazil.  They find out more about what this means for the physical geography of the country, focusing on the Amazon Rainforest.  They visit the Tropical Butterfly House before learning about the lifecycles and reproduction of fascinating rainforest creatures, creating artwork in the style of Henri Rousseau. 

The Sword in the Stone

As historians, we learn about life in Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire.  We have a visit from a fearsome Saxon re-enactor, going on to find out more about Anglo- Saxon invasions and settlements, as well as art, culture and everyday life.

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