Y6 Curriculum

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Y6 Curriculum

Our exciting Year 6 curriculum gives all our learners the opportunity to develop and build on their knowledge, whilst providing opportunities to develop their own lines of enquiry. Our projects inspire and engage our children by delivering learning in ways which are both innovative and interesting.

Water, Water Everywhere – Local to Global:
In this project the children build on their knowledge and understanding of rivers and how water connects us all – both locally and globally. We visit the Porter Valley so our children can see first-hand what the different features of a river are and how they, as well as human intervention impacts on the landscape around them. In addition, we also investigate the importance of water as an essential world-wide commodity.  Our children grapple with and develop a strong understanding of why water conservation and the protection of water from pollution is so important.

The Sea Wolves:
During this term we take a trip back in time to find out about what life would have been like for those living during the time of the Vikings. As historians we look at and discuss what primary and secondary sources of evidence are and how they can help us develop a clear knowledge of this period in history. This helps our children to develop lines of enquiry based on: What Viking life would have been like; how the Vikings travelled to Britain and were then received by the Anglo Saxons; how successful Edward the Confessor and Alfred the Great were in defending their land and the part they played in defending Britain against the invaders. Did the Anglo-Saxons even grow to like the Vikings?

Together we can make a difference:
Within this enterprise project we want our children to understand the importance of helping others and how working together, as a team, towards a common goal, can make a big difference. We work alongside the charity ‘St Luke’s Hospice’ and their ‘BizKids’ scheme, which provides the Y6 children with a seed fund to ‘grow’ over the course of the project.

In addition to this, all children visit IKEA to help support their understanding of what makes a high quality product, the beginnings of a product (e.g. the design stage/drawing board); the production process and how big companies, like IKEA, try to make goods which are sustainable, ethical and value for money. Our students then plan for, design and make a range of products which they sell at their very own ‘Carterknowle Market’. All money raised is then given back to St Luke’s Hospice.

Put out that Light:
Our project work this half term is based around the Second World War. The children learn about how and why the war started and which countries were involved. As historians they look at and timeline key events to help give each them an understanding of what happened, when and why.  We also investigate how families, including those in Sheffield, lived through a very difficult and trying time in history by finding out about life on the home front, propaganda posters, evacuees, and what Anderson Shelters were and why they helped save many lives. To complement the learning, we visit Kelham Island Museum for a ‘Second World War’ workshop, as well the local Synagogue on Psalter Lane, to further the children’s understanding of the Jewish faith.

At the end of the project, all parents and carers are invited to attend our ‘Victory in Europe Day’ celebration tea party where the children share the dance, drama, poems and Victoria Sponges they have created.

The World is a Stage:
This is the very final project our year 6s will complete at Carterknowle and as such, we want them to be able to take a confident bow before the final curtain falls. Everyone in Y6 is involved in our end of year performance – including designing, planning and making all the props, settings and resources that are needed.  As dramatists and writers they also create and act out new script for the performance, create amazing posters and invite parents and carers with their persuasive letter writing skills to our local Merlin Theatre for the ‘performance of the year’.

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