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Good News!
2020 has got off to a brilliant start for our federation with the publication of the Carterknowle Ofsted report. We are all delighted that Carterknowle has been judged to be a ‘good’ school by Ofsted. The report can be accessed at https://carterknowle.sheffield.sch.uk/information/

After all the hard work of the Autumn term we are now looking forward to longer days and all the opportunities the Spring Term will bring. The events for this term are available on both websites. You can find out what your child is learning from their year group’s curriculum newsletter.
Come to a reading workshop!
Reading is the most important thing that a child will learn how to do at school, as they cannot access the curriculum without it. Holt House parents and carers will know that Holt House has updated its approach to teaching phonics and reading in line with the latest research. If you would like to find out all about ‘Monster Phonics’ please come to the parents and carers reading workshop in the Holt House hall provided for your child’s year group.
9am Tues 28 Jan: Butterflies and Honey bees
9am Wed 29 Jan: Penguins and Tigers
9am Thurs 30 Jan: Pandas and Bears

Carterknowle is also holding a reading workshop:
9am Wed 5 February in the Carterknowle hall
This is for all KS2 parents and carers to find out more about how they can support their child’s reading development. (This is a change of date from what was previously advertised.)
WOW! Walk to School Challenge.
The children’s commitment to walking, biking or scooting to school is amazing.
• At Holt House the Active Travel rate is 93.85%, compared to the baseline in September of 61.74% - a superb increase of 52%! Walking rates are up from a base of 54.78% to 62.22%. Park & Stride has gone from a base of 0% to 20% with a drop in all-the-way car use from 35.6% to just 5.77%.
• At Carterknowle the Active Travel rate is 95.7%, compared to the baseline in September of 88.4%. Walking rates are up from a base of 63% to 66.5%. Park & Stride has increased from a base of 17.6% to 18.4% with a drop in all-the-way car use from 11.6% to just 4.2% - which is exceptionally low.
This is fantastic – please keep up the good work!
Silver Award
Holt House has been awarded the silver school sports mark. Well done! Both schools now have this award.
Healthy Minds
Children’s mental health is of concern to many. Holt House and Carterknowle are taking part in the NHS Healthy Minds project, starting this term. Healthy Minds aims to support the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people. The project starts with three days of training for key staff, after which there will be more information for parents and carers. https://www.sheffieldchildrens.nhs.uk/services/camhs/healthy-minds/
A very happy 2020 to everyone!