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Christmas Trees
Our traditional Christmas trees have arrived from Whirlow Farm and look very beautiful.
Children from Y2 to Y6 will be watching ‘Snow White’ at Carterknowle on Friday afternoon – thanks to the PTA.
Instead of buying lots of Christmas cards for school, please help your child to make one Christmas card and write it to the whole class. These can be brought in from Monday 9 December and will be displayed in the classrooms. Paper and card can be brought home from school, if needed.
We are looking forward to the annual Christmas concerts. The children are working very hard at rehearsing their performances.
EYFS Christmas Concert:
 Monday 9 December: Performance to KS1
 Tuesday 10 December at 2.15pm to parents
 Wed 11 December at 9.15am to parents
KS1 Nativity:
 Tuesday 10 December: Performance to EYFS
 Wed 11 December at 2.15pm to parents
 Thurs 12 December at 9.15am to parents
Y3 Seasonal Songs
 Thursday 12 December at 2.45pm: Performance to parents
Y4 Musical: Bah Humbug!
 Thursday 12 December: Performance to Y2 & KS2
 Thursday 12 December at 6.30pm to parents
Christmas Dinner
Traditional Christmas dinner at both schools is on Wednesday 18 December. School sandwiches will be available and can be ordered on the day.
Christmas Party Day
Party Day is Thursday 19 December. This is a non-uniform day and children can come to school in party or casual clothes. Christmas party lunch will be served to all at Holt House (this will be the only Holt House choice) and to those who order that choice at Carterknowle.
Dress Down Day
Friday 20 December is dress down day – for £1 wear your Christmas jumper, your sparkles and sequins, or just be casual.
Be Safe Online at Christmas Time
School holidays are a time when children may spend more time online – perhaps playing games or watching videos on YouTube. A YouTube parent fact sheet is being sent out with this newsletter which you may find helpful.
All I want for Christmas is a phone!
It is very exciting to get a phone for Christmas and they have lots of benefits. It is good for parents to be able to keep in touch with their child by text. There are also risks. If your child has a phone, or is getting one for Christmas please have a look at https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/bullying-abuse-safety/online-mobile-safety/mobile-phone-safety/ for top tips on phone safety.
Happy Christmas ….and best wishes for the New Year.